Change Begins with Us – this means whatever problems or solutions we see in our community, it is our personal responsibility to bring the topic to the Council with data and proposals of what we’d like to see happen.

We invite you to participate in this unique opportunity to restore your community, our province and the Planet. If you have identified problems that impact your family and people daily and have generated a solution that offers measurable results and optimal impact, we welcome project submissions.

Nine Pillars

Project holders submit their Project proposals to the Council through delivery to the Project Management Committee Head. The Project proposal is reviewed by the Project Management Committee who present any suggestions, changes, or additions to the Project holders.  When final, the Project is submitted to the Council for Majority Vote or for further changes requested of the Project holders.

The Project Management Committee oversees the Project through completion, in coordination with the professional Project Manager Partners in the PGSD Project Management Platform, all in conjunction with the Project holders, and CGSA.  (Until such time that this is not required).

Below is a list of the areas

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Communications & Relations

Our education program is working with educators and advisors in Alberta to customize adaptable learning models that provide our sovereign members with the suitable knowledge and wisdom for them to thrive.


Health Care should actually focus on your health and wellness. We’re establishing innovative health modalities that integrate not only proper nutrition and holistic techniques, but also love and empathy for everyone.

Health & Wellness

Under Natural Law, security and peace are guaranteed for all sovereigns, enabling us to envision and manifest our positive intentions.


Law Enforcement

Family should be the cornerstone of every successful society. By nurturing foundational values and providing a safe haven, the family is a launch pad for children to develop into productive members of an enlightened society.

Family Services

We will develop regenerative technologies and strategies to rejuvenate our environment, nurturing our people and pets with healthy land, clean air, and pristine natural resources.


Restoration Team

Project Management

Public Works


Our council is endeavouring to connect farmers, distributors, retailers, and co-ops to ensure that our sovereigns have the knowledge and means to create and harvest the best quality food, utilizing innovative and ethical farming techniques.

Food Solution/Agriculture


Animal Care

Bring the “Good News’ message of our bright future to all of humanity. Adopt a high standard of balanced journalism with integrity and fairness. Develop media ethics
that promote and defend the values of universal respect for life, the rule of natural law and sovereignty.





Tesla, scalar waves, renewal, biofuel, free energy concepts, and more. Bring ideas to deliver new solutions to people in your community!


Project FAQ

What are the details of a project?
  • A project is a declaration of clear intent and commitment to taking action to achieve a particular objective or to acquire the capability to produce a specific outcome for the benefit of a person or a community of any scope.
  • A project is a commitment to inventing new actions and new configurations or sequences of actions to produce a specific outcome for the benefit of a person or a community of any scope.
  • A project is a commitment to taking actions and using resources a specific outcome for the benefit of a person or a community of any scope over a specified time frame to produce an ultimate situation in the future that is more desirable than the situation that is anticipated to occur without the project.
What are the basic requirements of a project?
  • Project holders are in agreement with the Resolution of One Accord.
  • Projects align with community needs as assessed by Councils.
  • Projects support the Restoration Plan.
  • Projects produce inventions and innovations.
What are the types of a project?
  • Restoration Projects produce solutions that improve upon primary domains of global restoration such as energy, water, land, air, health and wellness, food, infrastructure and transportation, shelter, family, and education.
  • Invention Projects bring new technologies or processes to the peoples of this planet.  Domains for inventions span across the primary pillars of global restoration and beyond.
  • Innovation Projects combine capabilities from multiple sources in new ways.  Areas of focus and attention include the primary pillars of global restoration and more.
How do we identify and share resources for projects?
  • Projects involve people, processes, and technologies. We are bringing collections of people, processes, and technologies together to be shared across projects.
  • People with subject matter expertise are offering their experience, knowledge and wisdom to help with projects. We are forming a network of these people to align and coordinate them with projects.
  • Processes and Best Practices for projects are being compiled for reference and will be made available on a global scale.       
  • The Project Platform teams will help Project teams worldwide.
How do we provide funding for projects?
  • Project funding will be provided through the de jure PLAN Councils at the national, provincial, or community level.  Projects of a global scope or beyond may also be funded by the Global Peace and Restoration Consortium of Member States (GPRCMS), the Global Health & Wellness Consortium (GHWC), or the Global Intelligence Agency (GIA).
What are the types of a project?
  • Engage People who are professional project, program, or project portfolio managers are  available to help with the design, setup, and management of various aspects of a project.
  • Implement Processes that ensure that projects are initiated, managed, and completed on time and on budget, and produce the desired outcomes.
  • Utilize Technologies that facilitate the communication, coordination, and monitoring and reporting throughout the project duration.
Why are we providing resources and guidance for projects
  • To ensure that every project that is funded and initiated is successful.
  • To ensure these resources and guidance support the visions and goals of The Interim Head of State, the Global Guardian, and the Director of the Global Intelligence Agency.