Parkland Community PLAN COUNCIL 


Let’s Not Repeat Canadian History

The BNA ACT 1867 and Constitution Act 1982 (Guarantee of Rights and Freedoms) were created by a foreign entity. These Acts gave all the authority to Lieutenant Governors (to the Queen) and removed all the power of the Sovereigns in the land mass known as provinces and territories. The Canadian people never ratified this document. This foreign entity usurped the authority of all the Sovereigns unlawfully. If this paperwork was created by Sovereigns, why are all our rights and freedom being taken away?

The year, 1946. King George VI appointed a Governor General to Canada. In 1947, he commanded the Parliament of Canada to create a commission to write Letters Patent for his Governor General. He then commanded Prime Minister Mackenzie King to sign the new “Letters Patent” on his behalf. This is fraud.

Crimes Against Humanity

So many crimes against humanity have been perpetrated against the Sovereigns of Canada by the controllers. For example, our indigenous population have endured many injustices and abuses of all kinds. Sadly, there are many stories and atrocities that are still being revealed.

It is Up to The People of Canada to Set a New Course

If we do not allow ourselves to know our true history we will continually repeat the past. It is time to change the narrative and to reveal the difficult and painful truths so that we can heal the trauma and try to rectify the past.

We have a chance to effect change in such a powerful and heart centered way.

It starts with us.  

With the Parkland Community PLAN Council we’re forging a new path to unity, respect and prosperity for all.

We are creating a new and empowered future together!

We have a PLAN!