Parkland Community PLAN COUNCIL 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Life Force?

Life Force is an association of like-minded people dedicated to changing the world. All people can bring different talents & skills and different ways to shape the world into a place we all want to live in.

In general terms life force can be understood as the force within each human that provides life within the physical body which is in our blood. It is also the force that gives our soul the fuel to comprehend and govern our daily lives in this physical world.


What is the Life Force Global Restoration Plan?

The Restoration Plan has many components and will require everyone in the world to be part of the change. On this site, we’ve created the building blocks to move forward with transitional phases. The goal is human liberation, a healthy planet, and human empowerment.

Working in conjunction with the Global Repository, and under the guidance & direction of our Global Trustee for finances and security, Kim Goguen, the global restoration plan will help we the people, to make the needed changes to restore our air, earth, water, and people to a more natural existence & enjoyable life experience

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Who is Kimberly Ann Goguen (Kim Possible) and Steffen Rowe (Tank)?

Kimberly Ann Goguen wears many hats and is one of the most important people on the planet. Kim and her role is unknown by the majority of the people around the world. However, she is very well known by members of the Deep State.

She is an exceptional woman, who’s unique DNA qualified her as our new global trustee for finances & security, head of ground command for Earth, guardian of Earth’s assets, manager of the hall of records and representative as Earth’s Ambassador on the Intergalactic Council, as appointed by Source.

She has been tasked with the challenge of disassembling the old regime and control mechanisms that have kept the Earth & her people trapped in a 30,000 year cycle of orchestrated death & destruction, which includes the old money magic system established by the previous controllers.

Here are links to the explanation of how the old money magic system used to work, and what Kim has been doing to change the playing field to make it impossible for those who would abuse their power to continue playing their deadly games.


  • Interim Head of State
  • Trustee of the Global Repository (Currency comptroller)
  • Global Trustee & Ground Commander
  • Guardian of the Global Assets

Steffen Rowe (Tank) empowers people to pursue the best versions of themselves. KRE8CHANGE is a movement to shift the power back to the people by giving them the resources, direction, and freedom they need to create the world they want to live in.

Tank s a multi talented, motivational speaker, former minister, truth teller & imagineer and core advisor, who is part of a core team all helping to support Kim Goguen in her efforts to free humanity from the tyranny that has kept us oppressed so that we can move away from poverty, fear, war, and the multiple manipulation mechanisms that have kept humanity poor, afraid & combative.

Tank is Lifeforce’s spokesman and moderator for all global Lifeforce meetings, as well as co-anchor on The United Network’s Live@5 daily news. Download the United Network, for free and available on Android & iTunes for the most up to date news, and weekly global updates, real news, from the people in the middle of the massive changes currently taking place.


  • Global Intelligence Agency Deputy Director
  • Lead messenger on Live@ 5
  • Owner of SPEAK Project – The Sovereign People of Earth Acting Knowledgeably Project
What is the Global Repository?

The Global Repository is the accounting & ledger system, an aspect of the real Quantum Computer system, of which Kim is sole proprietor, executive director, and main programmer. This ledger system has reallocated the Earth’s wealth & assets, to reflect the true value of each country, including her people.

The Global Repository has replaced The Federal Reserve, and is now the only recognized chartered authority for the allocation and distribution of funds world wide. All humanitarian efforts put forth by global assemblies affiliated with the global restoration plan, that are deemed viable and seen as a way to improve quality of life for the people of Earth in some aspect, will be funded through the Global Repository.

What is the Key Integrated Monetary System ( K.I.M.S.) financial system?

The global financial system has been monopolized and manipulated by less than 1% of the population for a long time. Recently, the Banking System was audited and revealed that every major financial institution in the world was insolvent. Due to fractional banking, they declared the debts owed as profits, but in reality, they don’t have enough money to pay their own bills.

Fortunately, the Key Integrated Monetary System has already been implemented which is the only reason that the world hasn’t suffered from a global economic collapse.
The K.I.M. System is designed to place the control of the financial system in the hands of the people. This creates more opportunity on every level from project funding, to job creation for the people.

What is Life Force Canada?

Life Force is the Essence, Source, Substance of ALL LIFE that binds humans, animals and the earth. We are here to assist in liberating and empowering every man and woman by co-creating a free and prosperous future for all.  Options to join your local province are available.

Life Force Canada is a branch of the Life Force Global platform.  People from across Canada who are awake to the truth and reality of our world and the issues affecting humanity from the fallout of the global plandemic who want to help and contribute to the restoration plan of Canadians have come together under Life Force Canada. The goal is to plan projects expecting grants will be made available from the Global Repository with the intent to help Canadians in each province.

What is an Assembly?

An Assembly or PLAN Council (as named in Canada) is an association of like-minded people dedicated to changing their local world.  All people can participate and will bring different talents & skills and different ways to shape their province into a place we all want to live in.


How does an Assembly become official, and ratified?

There is a checklist provided for assembly members to follow.


What does Members in Good Standing mean?

A member in good standing is defined as a member who has:

i. Completed the required agreements/ documents
ii. Attend meetings regularly 
iii. And undertakes to engage in the work of the general assembly.

What are Committees? Who can be part of them?

Committees typically follow the nine pillars and are comprised of members who have a passion for the subject. Other committees are being established to satisfy the needs of the community. All committees support the local council.

The nine pillars are:

  • Needs Assessment Committee
  • Health & Wellness Committee
  • Treasury & Banking Committee
  • Security Committee
  • Officers, Natural Law & Law Enforcement Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Nature Preservation & Protection Committee
  • Projects Committee
  • Life and Family Committee
  • Operations Committee

Additional working committees (providing brainstorming, needs assessment, budgets & research for any proposal deemed worthy for projects)

Learn more about the nine pillars here:

The Life Force Canada Nine Pillars – Join us Today!

Who can become Officers, Committee Leads? What is the voting process?

Any member in good standing can submit their intent to lead and/or participate in any committee or project work. 

Open or new Officer or Committee Chair position

A review of an open or new officer position is presented by the moderator.  Members interested in the position come forward.  Each person presents their skills/experience to hold such position.  A vote is held and the individual with the most votes will assume the open/new position.

How do I refer a friend? Can I bring my spouse?

Each interested individual must fill out and submit the “New Member” form. Once received, the secretary will send out two more forms to review, and an invitation to the next “Meet & Greet” meeting.

Each person is welcome to ask questions and have a conversation with one of the Council Members at the “Meet & Greet” meeting. If both parties wish to move forward, the individual will complete the two forms in front of the Council Members and the Secretary. Once all forms are processed,  the individual will be invited to attend the Members & Invited Guests meeting. 

Each individual is under no obligation to continue if they feel participation in the council no longer suits them.

Why join the Parkland Community PLAN Council?

Many of our members feel a sense of connectedness and support by joining our weekly meetings and engaging in our committees to work on bringing lasting positive change to a world that we see is sinking into deeper and deeper turmoil. We all know we want to change the world for the better, but sometimes it is hard to imagine where to start. Parkland Community PLAN Council will provide that safe nurturing space for you, where your voice, your ideas and your passions matter.

All of us had been in the same position at one time or another where you are right now. If you are looking for answers in a cooperative, supportive group where you can fully express yourself without fears of judgement, please take the first step and get in touch with us so we can get to know you better.