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The Assembly members contribute to a wide range of activities that help their community and the functioning of the assembly itself. We rely on the participation and engagement of every individual to address the growing needs of our community.

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One of the main components of the Council is the Committees where people connect and collaborate on Projects to improve conditions and spark innovation in their communities.

The Parkland Community PLAN Council has established, or is establishing the following Core Committees

  • Communications / Relations
  • Education
  • Health & Wellness
  • Law/ Natural Law
  • Law Enforcement
  • Family Services
  • Nature Preservation (Air, Land, Water)
  • Inventions
  • Restoration Team
  • Project Management
  • Public Works/ Infrastructure
  • Animal Rights & Care
  • Security
  • Food Solutions & Agriculture
  • Treasury
  • Arts

Some of the Core Committees at a Glance

Communications & Relations
  • Is tasked with establishing and maintaining a truthful, trustworthy, and favourable relationship with the public;
  • Explores and utilizes existing and innovation in media technologies to provide knowledge and truthful news to all who seek it.
  • Investigates, develops, and continually enhances flexible education frameworks that align with the needs and interests of diverse learners; and encourages original thoughts, promotes innovative thinking, and sparks innate talents;
  • Explores and formalizes knowledge beyond the realms of traditional academics;
  • Is tasked with the preservation of all knowledge and wisdom of the civilization;
  • Is responsible for ensuring that all knowledge and wisdom of the civilization is available to any knowledge seeker.
Health & Wellness
  • Achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness of all sovereign beings is its mission;
  • In collaboration with the Education Committee, engages in the shifting the perception of health and health care towards one that is self-responsible and self-empowered;
  • Investigates and evaluates modalities and technologies in the areas of health and wellness;
  • Works with the Nature and Source Stewardship Committee to identify the optimal diets and habitat conditions for all life.
  • Reviews and redresses grievances;
    Holds Grand Jury when the need arises;
  • Per the principles of Natural Law, holds all members of all Council components (the Council, all Sub-Councils, and all Committees) accountable for their decisions and actions;
  • Works closely with the Law Enforcement Committee.
Law Enforcement
  • Enforces the principles of Natural Law;
  • Enforces Orders of the Council that are lawfully ratified;
  • Conducts necessary investigations in the course of enforcement;
  • Provides aid and support to other Committees when requested or as required.
Family Services
  • Investigates, establishes, and continually enhances flexible family care frameworks to ensure the optimal health and well being of all members of the community:
    Children and youths before the age of majority;
  • Adults over the age of majority requiring support at any stage in life;
  • Explores alternative types of social structures and support networks.
  • Is tasked with researching, investigating, restoring, protecting, preserving, and caring of all physical aspects of nature including air, water, land, and all life
Restoration Team
  • Reviews and evaluates a project proposal sent to the Council and assigns it a score based on the following criteria:
  • Does the Project address an existing concern in the community? If so, the urgency, the scope, and the impact of said concern are considered;
  • Does the Project bring forth an innovation that benefits the community? If so, the immediacy, the scope and the impact of said benefit are considered;
  • Is the scope, budget, time frame, and other attributes of the Project properly defined to ensure its success?
  • Forwards the evaluated project proposal to another Committee whose mission aligns with the goals of the Project.
Project Management
  • Consists of experts in the area of Project Management and / or coordinators who can network and request the services of external experts, so that a project team may request project management support such as bringing on board a project manager or business analyst in a specific field;
  • In collaboration with other Committees, manages Projects throughout their life cycle and maintains a project registry that assists in the tracking of project metrics such as status, progress, cost-to-date, etc.


  • Water / sewage treatment facilities
  • Power-generation facilities


  • Wired communication links such as fiber optic cables
  • Wireless communication links using biologically-inert or biologically-regenerative technologies


Public Works

Is tasked with the comprehensive life cycle management (such as construction, alteration, removal, installation, repair, or maintenance) of public infrastructure for the benefit of the community including:


  • Safe passageways, including roads, bridges, tunnels, for machine-powered land vehicles
  • Safe passageways, such as bike paths, sidewalks, crosswalks, overpasses, underpasses for biology-powered land vehicles or for walking
  • Safe waterways, docks, and ports, for surface-water or underwater vehicles
  • Safe airways, airports, and air traffic towers
  • Similar principles extended to space and interstellar travels

Public Buildings

  • Schools and universal learning centres
  • Community and cultural centres
    Art galleries, museums, and concert halls
  • Health and wellness centres
  • Public buildings where services are provided to members of the public
    • Conducts background checks and vets new members and officers of all Council components;
    • Ensures the safety and security of members of all Council components;
    • Investigates and explores strategies to ensure the safety and security of sovereign beings;
    • Investigates, evaluates, and adopts processes, technologies, and strategies associated with safety and security in areas such as:
      • Stellar phenomena, including solar and cosmic conditions such as portals and monoliths
      • Terrestrial phenomena, including atmospheric, tectonic, geopathic conditions
      • Telecommunications, Internet, and Information Technology
      • Transportation
    Agriculture (Food Security)
    • Maintains a registry of expenditures and revenues of the operations of all Council components;
    • Maintains a registry of expenditures and revenues of the Projects;
    • Conducts periodic audits to ensure efficient and appropriate use of funding;
    • Conducts financial planning including budget and expenditure forecast;
    • Prepares relevant statistics to identify trends and patterns and to report on operational efficiencies of all Council components;
    • Provides a general oversight of the finances for all Council components;

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