“Never try to fix a broken system.
Create a new one that makes the old one obsolete”

~ Buckminster Fuller

Why did we choose the name Parkland Community PLAN Council? 

We want to work with fellow Sovereigns to create PLANS for positive change while we nurture

People, Land, Air/Animals & Nature.


Parkland Community PLAN Council is a gathering of Sovereigns with a common or shared interest in self-governance, self-responsibility and self-determination under Natural Law.

The PLAN Council is a nonpartisan and peaceful group coming together to represent Sovereigns of Parkland Community of like mind and heart and is established to provide a de jure council of the Sovereigns, by the Sovereigns, and for the Sovereigns. 


Parkland Community PLAN Council is working within our community to bring forth many project initiatives not limited to the 9 PILLARS. Such initiatives will include, creating free energy, a holistic health care system, clean water solutions, affordable housing for all, an education system that brings out the true talents of every individual, a non GMO and secure food supply, regenerative farming and agriculture.

We want to clearly, and transparently, educate the People on the rights and liberties we all were granted at birth. By taking on local problems first, solving them step by step, we will soon be able to embrace a free and open society of respect and love for one another. We are about caring, sharing and networking. We need to nurture one another through the times ahead and we can only do it by locking arms and building impregnable walls of People power.


By participating in a Council in our own community, for the very first time in modern history your voice has an impact, and you, have a chance to action out changes for the betterment of all. With a properly assembled group of goal oriented individuals your ideas, plans,  and dreams can be fulfilled. We invite you to reach out to like-minded Sovereigns who also have a deep desire to make changes in our Community and with the help of Parkland Community PLAN Council you will be able to make true lasting changes.

Join Our Council Meetings
Thursday’s @ 7 pm MST